About Fermiton, Global insurance agency

Fermiton is the international, prime class insurance managing general agent (MGA) and business risk advisor.

Services and solutions:

  • insurance brockerage, underwriting,
  • property and tangible asset insurance,
  • third party liability, mortgage insurance,
  • transport, delivery risk coverage,
  • business and entrepreneural risk mitigation,
  • vehicle, driver, accident insurance,
  • travel, health and medical insurance,
  • risk advisory, loss and asset recovery,
  • decentralized insurance solutions.


Regions and representatives.

Region Country, city of the office/representative Contact email
North Europe and Americas Estonia, Tallinn atlantic@fermiton.com
Sub-Baltic Europe Czech Republic, Prague europe@fermiton.com
Middle East, Central and Southern Asia and Africa Kazakhstan, Astana meca@fermiton.com
Eastern Asia, Australia and Oceania Australia, Sidney pacific@fermiton.com